Here in Ontario


Here in Ontario

Colourful Ontario

For the past several years Ontario has attracted a large number of film production houses and producers both at local and international levels. There are several reasons why Ontario is a favorable destination for film producers, and they include diverse sites to pick from, brilliant technical and creative personnel in the industry and variety of favorable weather conditions. Other reasons include state of the art production services and knowledgeable, experienced professionals in the industry and variety of natural beauty. Additionally, Ontario has covered all kinds of geographical terrains and architectural styles.

In Toronto, there are several industrial buildings that offer an excellent setting for film production. The buildings are not only spacious but also magnificent to produce different stages while producing a film. There are also European streetscapes that offer exciting filming stages especially in scenes involving chasing or escapes. There is also an Ivy League style university where university school scenes can be shot complete with required equipment and facilities that might be needed in such a setting. Toronto also has glass and steel skyscrapers which offer spectacular filming stages that are complemented with modern style and outstanding architectural designs.

Toronto city is blessed with cultural and ethnic diversity which makes it a favorite place to shoot film sets that are based in other cities of the world. Different film story sets have been shot in Toronto locations that resemble cultural and ethnicity of cities such as New York, Vienna, Tokyo, Washington, Warsaw and even Tehran. By filming these story sets in Toronto, film production houses and directors have been able to significantly minimize their filming budgets and reduce the time required to prepare the film. That has been possible because the movie directors have been able to move to various cities around the world and carrying their equipment with them.

Casa Loma in Toronto is also an outstanding place to shoot a film, formerly a home to a wealthy businessman; it has a strange architectural design and is a good setting to shoot a film in an opulent palace or a scary background. Toronto city hall is another filming location in which it has provided different filming stages for various film productions especially those that resemble US setting such as Washington D.C. Other beautiful film locations in the US include Niagara Falls and Sheraton on the Falls, which offer natural beauty, and they are also very safe from when landing from the top to the bottom and are also free from dangerous water animals like crocodiles and sharks.

In Ontario and beyond the city of Toronto, the province has an incredible range of diverse locations that includes brilliant, iconic parks and buildings in Ottawa where film directors and producers enjoy shooting their films to Hamilton’s industrial settings. Ottawa, which is also the nation capital, has other unique locations such as British-style buildings which provide convenience for film directors by having a film setting done in Canada instead of going all the way to London. Ottawa also has a Rideau Canal, which is a dazzling location to do a film setting. The parks include Morningside Park and Allen Gardens. The popular streets where films have been shot in Toronto include church street, Yonge Street, and Kingston road.

Northern Ontario has natural wilderness and tundra that are safe and intriguing settings that make the films outstanding. Additionally, Ontario has many tranquil small towns with friendly communities that resemble those in the American Midwest and New England as well.

Ontario is a fascinating place to shoot a film due to all the above exciting locations for filming, as well as the peaceful community because of the province’s stable political environment which provides long-lasting peace in these locations.

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