Why is technology advancing faster and faster?


The speed at which moving technology advances is capable of overwhelming us. It could outpace our understanding. What are the reasons for the technological acceleration? The explanation of why it happens is related to technological evolution, increasing exponentially in an almost unstoppable way.

Let’s see, today, tools or methods are being created to develop other, more efficient tools. Those same tools will be used to create those of the generation that follows them… and so on. They are getting better and better, and they are emerging faster and faster.

At the speed of current technological evolution, at the end of the 21st century, the progress achieved will be equivalent not to 100 years but 20,000.

For example, a button: In 1950, manual calculators were used in heavy and rudimentary devices. Thirty years later, personal computers (PCs) were already available. Today – seventy years later – there are many functionalities in a laptop. It can connect with wireless Internet, with access to the cloud for file storage, and linked directly to the functionalities of tablets and smartphones.

What does mass rapid access entail?

  • It generates motivations for the involvement of capital investments that want to finance incipient projects.
  • It can encourage and make possible the development and growth of small companies without requiring large investments.
  • Reduce costs and time needed to profoundly impact millions of users
  • It involves attracting more media attention and more resources. This allows the hiring of more and better human talent.

Technological advances are related to interconnection, take advantage of the Internet of things, and focus on citizens’ benefit.

Acceleration with reservations

Ah, but be careful! Technological acceleration also creates a risk for participants in different industries: if they do not keep pace with change, they are left behind. Innovation grows exponentially (non-linear), and some view this progressive development with concern. They ensure that he divorces himself from a necessary social and cultural accompaniment.

On the other hand, with the technological acceleration comes an increase in other factors of this same process, in a correlated way.

Inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil (inventor of the first flatbed scanner) talks about the Law of Accelerated Returns. According to him, the advancement of technology can be measurable in numbers like performance-price and speed. In turn, it can be measured by developing the chips, which will evolve in parallel.

The reasons for the technological acceleration are related to the evolutionary development of trends such as smart cities. These cities generate interconnection, take advantage of the Internet of things, and focus on the inhabitants’ benefit. In turn, they promote convergence and integration.

We are clear about the need to keep pace with this technological evolution. From its conception, the project is aligned with the global advance trends. Among them, the creation of a super app. We believe in using innovative technology and products in an ecosystem that tends towards collaboration and technological advancement.

What impression does the concept of technological acceleration leave on you? In which processes or inventions can you identify the signs of this behavior?

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